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You are here because you believes in the history of the Jews and their Christ as preached in the Christian Scriptures. If the gospel of Christ is really true, then it must not cause any confusion unto those its being given unto to meditate upon, but it seems we don't have accurate understanding to this writings therefore many accuse it false for it seems unto them that the writers are a times opposing themselves but still many still believe all written is true and most care not to gain the understanding they knew not but never stop clinging to the faith they have in him, and some makes themselves prophets to give its wisdom unto the congregation by making them see it more sacred.

Sometimes ago as the compiler spirit was engulf by the holy spirit of Christ (which the Compiler believes to be the same promised invisible teacher and comforter that possessed the apostles exactly one week after Christ ascended to heaven and ever knocking at the door of any one that will let him in,)and the spirit minister to him saying;
None of My Bone was broken and saw this meaning that none of the four Gospel was ever in conflict with each other and the spirit of Christ drove him as a computer programmer to develop an algorithm to combine the four gospel of Christ in to One Gospel. During the compilation of this Gospel, the spirit of Christ told the compiler saying I have a riddle for you to solve and he said thus; It’s four words of the same language, when puzzled, It’s a cross to any who wish to walk across safely unto the ultimate destination. What path is this way? And the eyes of the compiler was opened, like a bird soaring through the sky of history, flew over where Christ was crucified and for the first time in his life, he saw the cross of the Gospel of Christ, standing as the names of the gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ) making up to form the cross of Christ as an evidence of his eternal sign unto those that can read and those that can't even read... and the compiler was amazed to say surely thou art the author of thy existence, for the meaning of the parable is true even truth anew.
and he said, saying; It’s my parable unto those that believes in the reality of the history about me that truly I am he who was rooted in Judea and sprang out unto the ends of the earth… for I am the gospel that came out of the cross because I am yet the only victim of the cross that turns the mouths of those that had newsed in tears saying he is dead to say again in tears of unbounded joy saying: he has risen, the miracle worker lives; for he was tried by darkness but overcame death as darkness cant overshadow the light that keeps shining on, for this is the greatest news any sinner seeking redemption for hope to be with God forever after spending the days appointed to live in this sinful nature.
but this is also true, my truth as it was written saying by the mouth of two witness a testimony is confirmed, so did I called and sent all that believes in me to be my witness wherever my spirits sent them just as I called Matthew & John (the Jews) and Mark & Luke (the Gentiles) to be my witness in writing down my history for the sake of the upcoming and future generations since the time of my resurrection unto the time I shall come to resurrect all those who believed in the history of my resurrection, and so is still my call this day to either Jews or Gentiles that believes in me to be my witness to the world by confirming the truth of my history unto those who had being fatten with the bread of superstitions.

But after the completion of the Compilation of the Gospel the genealogy of the Christ seems to be out of logic for they are not in accordance with each other, therefore the compiler refused to publish it (not because he does not believe in the history as it was written, for even if the genealogies were in accordance with each other it does not justifies his history to be true or false unless we could proof where the actions and spoken words that was written about him contradicts themselves), but having faith that Christ the owner of his gospel in his holy ghostly form must have possessed at least one of his messengers in time past to solve this mystery about his genealogy for the benefit of the gentiles and the future generations who hath no understanding about his genealogies as it was written, if truly it’s the same scriptures we still read up to this day, but the spirit of Christ made him to search for seven years until he found the understanding to his ignorance when he came across a book written by one of the early Jewish Christian, as a prove of what had already being written about this matter and not the argumentation of the compiler.
Now will you bear us witness that the four gospel of Christ collated in the bible has never contradicted themselves even by joining them together it reveals more truth that had being lost in time with more understanding.
Matthew(Mattityahu) was the first to write the Gospel and was written in Hebrew for Jewish readers, while Mark (Marcus) was the second according to the command of peter in Alexandria Egypt, while Luke (Lucas) was the third in Rome according to the command of Paul, while the last Gospel was written by John(Yohanan) the apostle in Ephesus Asia Minor after the death of all other apostles and after returning from Patmos, where he wrote the book of revelation. This compilation is a prove of what had already being written by four (John, Luke, Mark, Matthew) apostle of Joshua. All Glory is given back to God our Father and Christ the conqueror of Death.

Read through in meditation of honoring thy Creator and thanksgiving for the salvation of thy sinful soul. And if your soul can witness that these are all true as revealed unto us, therefore keep not these truth unto yourself alone, Love thy neighbor as we have shown forth this Love unto you through grace we have in Christ, Our everlasting Inheritance.

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NOTE: For the sake of pious reverence, we cease from using the name Jesus (Yesu/Jesu) which is his vulgar name Instead we retain the name Joshua (Yeshua) which was the name he was actually called when he was alive.

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