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Call To The Jewish Faith
Unveiling the 666 Beast

Identifying The Name Of The 666 Beast

John in the book of revelation 13 told us about three different beast to rule, he shows us the appearance of the first beast to rule for 1260 years , in which another beast(kingdom) will rise to rule. But he did not give the name of the second beast, but the gematria equivalent to solve, and third beast was the beast created in the image of the first beast by second beast and the second beast made all to worship the third beast which is the replica of the first.

To find the alphabetical equivalent from the numeric constant of the second beast, We are to calculate the name/word/meaning that will gives us the name of a wild animal and the animal most be new in occurrence, therefore using language to label to beasts (the people that rules over other people according to their succession), we have seen Lion the Babylon (Akkadian was the Primary language ), Persia the Bear (Farsi/Parthian was the Primary language ), Greece the Leopard (Greek was the Primary language ) and Rome the mutant beast with the body of Leopard, foot of Bear, head of Lion (Latin was the Primary language )
All we need to do is to guess a new language not already in the list and gives the natural numerical relatively equivalent to the letters for that new language remembering that the digits of the number of man starts from 0 which is absolute and 1 to 9 which is relative to 0.

We guess you can guess the language that dominated the world after Latin the roman language. Reasoning makes us chose English because English language is the most recent and common language on the tongue of the most civilized society/organization and the natural numerical equivalent of the English alphabet is
A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=10 K=20 L=30 M=40 N=50 O=60 P=70 Q=80 R=90 S=100 T=200 U=300 V=400 W=500 X=600 Y=700 Z= 800
Counting form the lowest unit to the highest we gets 6 = F, 60 = O & 600 = X and the result is FOX, When we ask what is a FOX? We say a FOX is a wild(beast) animal that resembles a Dog.
For as Christ call Herod a Fox, (because the linage of Herod was neither from the house of David, nor Jew, nor even an Israelite but of the House of Esau, pretending to be a real Jew not even a proselytes, and even till this day, larger percentage of Christians thinks Herod-ian to be Jews and wonder why Christ was born outside the palace of Herod... ) So did the same Christ through John prophetically call the English race a fox, because as the English(Anglo Saxons) claimed Britain from the Britons and hence conquered almost all the nations of the earth by the sign of the cross even the indigenous occupant of the Americas did not escape her craftiness.
Therefore as the first beast was a Lion the last beast is the Fox; for the parable of the prophecy about the beasts was given unto Daniel and John to tell the kingdoms that will rule over the nation of Israel until the time of his coming and same is this meaning of the parable of the Idol King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt about; for so does history proves all this things right, as Israel was rule by Babylon, Medes and Persia, Greece, Rome and now they gained their Independence through Britain and even today USA is the foremost nation to supports the ambitions of Israel. For thus is the full shape of parable ( Just as Amotekun(Leopard) truly befits the beast of the Daniel beasts to be ascribe to the Yoruba race whom praise themselves as "those we see wakes to mimic Oyo(Slippery), for Oyo mimics no one's father " as the ancient Greeks distinguishing themselves Civilized from the Barbarians ). and what a providential coincidence of the English pangram which says 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' while the anagram of the name of the second beast dog gives God, 'Therefore its prophetical to say ; The quick cunny English overtook the God that delayed his coming' for If Christ had come in glory, since his first expectant, Hebrew would have being the world language since the early days of Latin, instead of the current English domination. (Although Papal Rome in reality was the DOG, for the Anglican Purple became more expensive than that of the Pope)

Now we can now identify the look of the beast as a Fox with two little horn like a lamb(a symbol of the Christianity) and he spoke like dragon(Supports Of all other Religion even though, they contrary to the Christian philosophy). Since English language was used to turn the number 666 into the name of an animal, which means the native speakers of English are the beastly kingdom the bible had prophecy about. This was the only beast to rise out of earth and not sea as we see (that it rose out of the existing Roman Empire) Therefore it is not a coincidence that the English beast grew two horns, the first horn formed as the United Kingdom (symbol of the Old Fox Order) while the second horn formed as the United State of America/Amorica (symbol of the New Fox Order) and by her hands more than half of the countries of the world gained their independence from her, even the state of Israel that exists today. (We will agree that the greatest human innovation, was not we sending man to the moon nor the internet, but Democracy, else man would never have pass beyond the apex of the pyramid of pharaoh)

We saw in the act of the Fox creating an Image of the formal beast which looks like a leopard, his feet were as the feet of a bear, his mouth as the mouth of a lion having seven heads with ten horns for this was the Papal Rome that ruled, until 1798AD [Remembering that this 1798AD was the end of the 1260 days which began in the Year 538AD when the fallen Rome under Emperor Justinian make the Bishop of Rome the Papa of the Church as mention in Rev 13 and this 1260day is not the same with Rev 12, which marks the longest time Israel would be in exile ] in which Napoleon's general Berthier marched into Rome, deposed the Pope, and carried him into exile where he died, since then nations begins to rise against nations for world supremacy and domination, thus throwing humanity back to the stage of the sheep's without Shepherd. So therefore this image beast (kingdom) that rose by the hands of the Fox was the League of Nation (Which was the fruit of the English Empire First World War ) and evolves to the United Nation (Which was the fruit of the English Empire second World War ) as a substitute for the old papal rule. And the Fox(English) gave life(Sponsor/Finance/Support) unto the beast image and the beast image become alive(Survived/ now can support itself), as all these happens in the sight of the beast tamed in Vatican. (as man makes a snap so he can behold the image of himself,) but the created should remember that it cannot be greater than its creator

Identifying What Is The Mark Of The Beast Is And Not?
The mark is already here and the majority of us used it every day, the only difference is that its not yet inserted inside the human body. The mark/identification is nothing more than unique chips with unique identity for the owner, just as the social security number or National Identification number in which unique live biological IP (Internet Protocol address) or SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), just as phone numbers or email ID are unique to the owner. It will be a sin for bible believers living in those days because they will have the privilege to receive the mark of Uk/US (the 666 Fox Beast, along with UN the image created by the Fox) under the terms and conditions that they are the properties of their various countries, not properties of a/any gods. For a day is coming in which the world senate majority will support and vote in the notion that Life is the product of the Big Bang Cosmic Explosion and Man survive to be the Champion of its evolution, therefore the lexicon God will then be Synonymous to an educated and civilized Man. While the Jewish/Christian Bible will be placed as a Classics in the likes of the Greece and Roman Classics, therefore if any education and civilized man who still feel skeptic about the long age superstition about a supreme cosmic God should do so in the corner of his heart, for since its being said that God lives or will someday live in the heart of men.
Therefore the ignoramus believers will rise as Luddites to stand against the implementation, but the adept believers with greater understanding will continue to educate others, that what had being destine to be will be, for within that kairos moment, Christ will come to take his people home.

Nations are of numerous languages, therefore numerous alphabet for each language, but we still speaks the one universal numerical language which are numbers, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 making up the numeration meter/measure as the number of man, (and 9 was chosen to be the highest/apex that based at the tenth, for to honor man, the most precious Jewel was label according to the number of the first expectation/longing of the human race which is the fruit of a new birth, For the normal number of months for the gestation period of the Womb Man is 9 months while the expectation of the good/bad news of the birth shall be known on the tenth month, 1 month after the ninth month.) as seen on our keypads, let us see a mystery solved about this numbers in relation to number 666, seeing if we can allot it to the three slot the FOX is filling therefore we see 1+2+3=6, 4+5+6=15(1+5=6), 7+8+9=24(2+4=6), therefore 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9=666 just as A-Z:FOX, therefore every identification either alphabet or symbols are converted to their numerical value, just as a website address is not the actual alphabet but unique numbers for the website address name.

Using Numerology To Prove The Fox Age Is The Last Age Before The Coming Age Of The Christ The Lamb.

Numerical Digits are the Alphabets of the Numerical languages, while its mathematics symbols and quotations are the punctuations. Of all of the current living civilized Man orientation, Zero is naught of One, Nine is the last of the natural numeration reached before Ten, which is the beginning of the computation of the initial One that reached up to Ninth else the dividing naught of One would have stopped the numeration of 8,7,6,5,4,3 or 2 which was the first division of the wholesome 1. To prove this statement lets add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45 (simplify to the original digit therefore 4+5=9 ), We are in the last age of the Fox beast { FOX=666, then 6+6+6=18(1+8=9)} as 9 is the last original digits.
To prove the next age after this age of the fox is that of the kingdom of (Christ), We should infer what animal Christ represents and we know him to be the scarified Lamb, therefore If we try to get the numerical equivalent of the name LAMB in English, we gets L=30, A=1, B=40, B=2 therefore 30+1+40+2=73(7+3=10/1).
Therefore the prophecy remain true, the coming of 10(sign of the a new (0) beginning of the old (1)), the age of Christ, when this current world order will be overthrown by Christ and all nations of the earth will be recolonized by him, but before the time of the Christ reappearance, the current independence enjoyed by the countries of the earth will be maintained and no more world power will rise after the English era, until the coming of the expected reign of the Hebrew king, when Hebrew will then be the first language of the World.
The age of the lamb is to last for 1000yrs (a day, the great day of the Lord) to be follow by the everlasting age of the Lion of the tribe of Judah whom was the same Lamb(Christ) that was slain but risen as a ram(church before the rapture) that has the seed to seeds her lambs(church after the rapture) forever.

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