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Call To The Jewish Faith

Hell No; For I Believe in Man Scientia.
If You don't believe there is a conscious God who created all things including the first human ancestors then it must be that you don't care to wish to live again after spending this lifetime or you already found another way or you believe Science will be able to someday provide what makes men seeks the Gods, then we assume you got yourself covered. But If you know the gospel of the kingdom of Christ can never be of benefit for you because you are among one of the many men hiding under the face of man but not of the Adamic spirit, but you wish to support or deny our claim you can genuinely shed a feather with us on

Hell No; For My Religion Forbids Me.
But if you believe in the existence of God(s) but your current religion is against the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ as it was handed down to the believers even unto this day, Although you dream to change your current religion, but in reality you know you cannot yet escape from it because of fear of what might before you, this mean you don't really believe in the scripture of your current religion, You like the Christ way. If you really feel this way we hope you know that in the sight of your creator, you are a believer because you know that the lord God sees and Judge reasons behind the actions of men, not actions to justify reasoning. As long you believe the God of Christ is your God, therefore just keep on following his will for you by following the good conscience of your heart and love your next man as yourself and when they don't love you as you have loved them, Love them how Christ would have love them.

You should remember that you are practicing your current religion because you were born into it, but when you have your freedom, you will have the right to freely worship the conscience of your heart, but if not for one reason or the other, the Lord would not have put you amidst the condition you found yourself.
For it is better for you to stand as a savior among them, for if in the parable of the rich man that cried for the opportunity to go back to earth in other to preach the truth of the kingdom of God in the afterlife unto his brothers that are still living, he would now have known he is to be the hope of his brothers to give them even a single drop of water to quench their thirst when they shall realize the truth about their misfortune forever. Therefore hold on unto his faith.

Hell No; For I Don't Know How to Trust the Bible.
But if you believe in God in the non-Christian way, then we will like to define to you what Christian really means, It means people that acts like the Christ(chosen one), and the Jewish chosen one is Jesus, therefore have you ever asked why almost every nation of the old keep expecting a Christ, for Nimrod was the first since the flood of Noah to claim to be the Christ(Chosen/Anointed One) over the people and under him the language of man was divided into many nations and since then many national heroes claims to be the Christ for their own nation and other nations under their dominion and many were deify as gods after their deaths.

But out of all the nations of the earth, only the Jewish race had prophecies about the Christ that was promised to Adam and according to the word of prophecy by the mouths of the prophets of Israel, his chosen first nation, He had fulfilled what was written about him from his birth unto his death and resurrection as the ever expected savior God of mankind. He his still fulfilling what was written about him at this time as the ever presence of his holy ghost that was sent by him as promised unto those that believes in him.

Then why should we lose hope that as it was also written about him that after the end of the 2300days (2300yrs) of the great tribulation, he will surely fulfill his promise to come and give life back to those that believes and acts like him before they die and also make his believers that will be alive on that very day of his appearance never to experience mortal death before they gained eternal life, (as John called them Virgins when he saw them by the eyes of divine revelation, but too numerous for man to number but could testify that the number of Israel his own nation was complete(144,000) as expected)

Hellperimentation; For I Believe to Disbelieve.
We will like solves some yet unsolved bible mysteries for you in which we believe you are already familiar with,(although cumbersome to expatiate fully down here, but In a nutshell,) so to have a glimpse that the Christian Bible was not based on superstition, that a higher power than man is responsible for what was written therein and to show that the Christians scriptures was not written by God and sent down to earth like the scriptures of other religions but documentations of histories of the nation of Israel by pious Historians, Prophets, Kings, Statesmen, even common Men, who believe in the unseen creator and for their piousness the creator show himself to them in various ways throughout their histories, until the age of Christ in which his apostles continue the scripture by writing about the history of the new era of Christ as a confirmation of the scriptures of the old era of Moses.

Remember, If you chose to put your faith in the Jewish Christ, its not mandatory for you to become a churcher, you can be your own Church, as no teacher can be greater than the spirit of Christ in You, for according to word of our Christ which says '
... believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.' Not like the ignorant mainstream Christians of this day who don't even know they are the 'April Fools' being yearly celebrated by the house of darkness, because they knew not the difference between goddess Ishtar/Easter anniversary from the Jewish anniversary of killing of the Passover lamb on every 14th, of the Passover month, therefore the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ cannot always fall on Sunday but every 17th day of every first month of the Jewish calendar. And they also keep shouting Happy New Day(Year), 6 hours after the Eve and 6 hours before the Morning of the New Day... But they keep their celebration according to the tradition of the world and not the Absolute Word of the Bible.

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