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We come to you in the name of whom we believe to be the Creator of all things that was created, including man who was created in the Image of itself as the likeness of itself, to be the king of the Physical realm and to rule over all that is in it.
Men of old believed they are not the most intelligent being existing, for many a times various alien entities appears and disappears out of nowhere to commune with men, ( as the name Samson means Man of/from the sun), and each nations choose their national gods according to the totem of their deities while man pays homage unto them as heroes according to their times and season by keeping memorials of them (as the Olympic games samples the torch that still flames the continuous memorial of the ancient Pan-hellenic celebration at Olympia in honor of Zeus) while great minds such as the Kings, Emperors, Philosophers, Magicians, Tribal Chiefs, Priest, among others, serves as mediator between the gods and the society, but many at times whenever their relationship deepens with humanity the ends results yields the evidence of disharmony with man natural nature such as the history/myth of the giants race exists in almost every ancient tongues and many men claimed to be the son of the gods of their fathers and were worshiped and called gods but none of them was able to give man hope that is the god that owns life that can make man live forever. while the most cunny of them, promised them of the reassurance of their eternal resurrection to come as first preached by Adam their first father/King ( as seen in the tradition of the Egyptians, where only the rich has the opportunity to mummified their corpse )

But among all the gods of every nations only the God of the Jews had truly proven to witness himself as the Creator of all things and other creatures calling themselves gods including man. Of truth no man born of woman had seen the God of Israel face to face, but he always relate with man as the manifestation of the Image of his unseen reality and this third personality (after the First Personality that said let there be light and the second personality who was seen hovering over the waters before the earth brought forth dry land) was called The Lord god, The Lord, and The Angel of the Lord and was called Joshua(Jesu) Christ when he was born as the son of man

For only the creator knows the purpose for his creation and when the created performs the duty for its creation it will seems good in the eyes of the creator, but when the creation cease from performing the purpose for its creation, its goodness in the sight of its creator becomes evil because it stands as a stumbling block to brings the purpose for its creation into reality therefore the evil will be replaced for the good, and this is the philosophy of the Jews from the Old Mosaic era to the time of Christ ( their expected manifestation God that will come in the seed of man as a savior promised to Adam to destroy the serpent for them,) all in their own given tongue.

For this reason history gives us the knowledge of the Israelite whom was chosen as his first child ( the first nation through which all other nation of the earth will have the knowledge of the real creator to stamp out the lies of other creation who claims to be the creators of men, because of the ignorance of the seed of Adam whom had never behold the Glory he was before his fall.) because of the love he had for their father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel (For truly in this age of ours it’s only a deaf fool that will say the history of Christ is a Myth, for it will be like a scientist that said he had nullified the theory of relativity or the priest whom knew the path Mohammed Gabriel flew )

Therefore through Israel as his proxy, the prophecies about him began to come true as they had written about him, that he would be borne by a virgin woman, live among them and be killed by them because they will deny him, but he will rise again to prove that he himself is Life and truly this happened at the appointed time and what was prophesied about him truly happened, for Christ was born, lived among men for about 33yrs and died when he was crucified on the cross by the hands of the Jewish elders that wants him dead on that 14th day of Nissan of that Passover year and arose after spending 3 night and days later which falls on the 17th day of that same month and continued on earth for 40 days in which he ascend in to heaven, but before his ascension he promised to send his holy ghost to them so they might become possess by him to carry on the will of the father through them and Christ fulfilled his promised for surely on that day of Pentecost (meaning 50 days after the Passover) which was exactly a week that Christ left them, the Christian assembly was born when the apostles and the disciples of him became possessed by the ghost of their master, according to everyone’s measure, and on that very first day about three thousand souls was added to them and till this day they are called Christians (people that acts like Christ. ) Although none of us is ignorant of many wolfs in sheep’s clothing amidst the true sheep, even as many hirelings shepherd, now claims to be of bloodline of Christ the sole Shepherd of his Church.
For his spirit continue to drive them to spreading this good news, even when the hater of all goodness rage as flood of darkness many times but none could stop the spread of the flame, the spreading of the gospel of the Light, rather the flame still grow wider even unto this day, as he himself had prophesied saying “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations …and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day” for truly Christ remain the brightest and eternal star of mankind under the cloud of the Jews that overshadow the whole earth, for not even Albert nor Facebook can twinkle to overshadow his brightness.

Therefore on the solid foundation of the Old Testament (Jewish era/Old/Left) and the New Testament (Christian era/New/Right) stands the feet of those to be called the sons of God, the Wife of Christ as everlasting witness to those that seek the return to the God of their father Adam, while those that still wish to remain in the pride of their ignorant saying they are not of the seed of Noah for their ancestors were fishes that walks the dry land, to them we say, let them prepare to walk on the lake of fire.

Hello Church...

We believe as Christ our eternal Lord himself had prophesied that the more we enter into the ends of the last day the more mankind will get more drunk in delusion and surely the Sun is getting dark while the moon is withdrawing her light because the sinful world prefers to wallow in darkness than embracing light which will expose the secrets of their nakedness, but still yet we have the assurance that those that choose to walk with him will never stumble as he was the pillar of cloud that shines his light like a shepherd to the house of Israel not to Journey to their promised land in darkness.

We have an unction to keep MEGospel alive so that and its subsidiaries might remain online in our life time and beyond up to the year 2336AD, which according to the same Bible marks the end of the year for the sanctuary to be trample upon and Man the Temple of God to be made whole by the coming of the First born of the Dead to revives us to life eternal.
For the Gospel about him will remain an enlightenment unto them to live for about the next 300 years as a witness unto us and the upcoming and future generations to be born before the end of 2336AD, that the word of our Lord God remain true, and truly by digging dipper, buried history is revealed, as the foundation of this truth remain standing. For we are entering into the age of more delusion but still yet the real knowledge of God will not be hidden but as a beacon that calls unto he that search for its path.

Peradventure you are a true believer in the gospel of Christ as it was handed down onto us and you know the Spirit of Christ is bearing you witness to carry on his great mandate of evangelism according to the ability he had endowed you about what the holy spirit of Christ had instructed you to do in other to carry on the truth of the flame of his gospel in your life time, as part of his laborer of his vineyard ready for the harvesting of more souls into the kingdom of his father, our father and planting more seeds for the coming lasting generations even unto the last generation to behold the reality of his coming and their rapture, so they might not be ignorant of this truth that the gospel of the Jewish Christ is true, so ever true and thus remains truth, no matter what any other philosophy might say about this doctrine of Moses which was established in Joshua(Jesus) Christ our eternal Lord.

Although he that is ready to make the stones lifts themselves up to supports the hands of Moses so the sun might declares its glory even unto the den of the night, calls us as partakers in the testimony of his glory, for how graceful we are to be called to stand with him in battle he had already won, for we will testify saying we are among the witness that was called to stand with our Lord in battle singing the eternal songs that will never fade with drums and many strings with many more pipes while many other without instruments are those that chose to make them self-instrument for the women thunders the claps of their hands as the old men cast away their upper garment, keep beating their chest while gaping around and the children never stop screaming their praises, for this is the Celebration of the Victory of our Creator who created all things and everything that existed by creation against evil as an assurance for those that believe in him and only him as our eternal hope to make us his sanctuary forever. For what more testimony can be greater than this good news showing us the way to the kingdom of our father, his father who art in Heaven, knowing his Joy towards even a single prodigal that comes back home and also the joy of hope unto us as a farmer planting more seeds of new varieties in the soil of his heavenly garden.

Truly Yours In Christ

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