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Acts of the Jewish Christ
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Season 7. Extracurricular; Conclusion of the Gospel by Meg in 2020AD . Episode 57. scene 225.
Meg's In a Nutshell about the Gospel of the Jewish Christ.
1 In the beginning of all things was nothing but only the existence of the Spirit that Created all other existence and the creator was not a stranger unto itself but as a companion unto itself, for it was in itself by itself for itself as a/an (Object/Father/Source/Seed/Speaker of the Word/Soul), reflected the (Image/Son/Destination/Fruit/Spoken Word/Body) of itself in the reflection of the (Mirror/Mother/Path/Plant/Hearer of the Word spoken/Spirit) Just as man will still be a stranger unto himself until he could identify the mirror of his own face, he also identify not his own voice until his own very ears had heard the words of his own very mouth. For non was without another(The Trinity), but others(Mirror & Image) were because the Father(Object) was, as Adam bears no fruit without Eve while there is no Eve without Adam.
2 Moses wrote of the acts of this (one) God in its trinity manifest, in the book of beginnings chapter one; the first personality was called "Elohim/God" known as the father that CREATED the realms and created the spirits of all things to possess the realms by the command of his word and it was so.
3 While the second personality was called "the Spirit of God" known as the Holy Spirit because God is holy/good, POSSESSED what God the father had created as seen hovering the void waters before the dry land was told to appear and in chapter two of the same book, we see the third personality was called "Yahweh/the Lord God" known as Christ to come as the physical reflection of the spiritual creator, for by his hands the physical bodies/manifestation of the spiritual creatures was FORMED, just as Adam, the animals and Eve was made by his actions ( not by word from the mouth, as of the father) and he was called "The Lord God" before the fall and "The Lord" after the fall, by our first Parent, but whenever he hides away his true face away from the seeds of Adam they called him "The Angel of the Lord".
4 For this same Christ our Lord God before coming as the seed of Eve to be called the son(fruit) of man(Adam), formed the body of Adam and breaths Life, his breath into him, removed Adam from earth and took him to heaven, Our Eden, but placed him outside the presence of his Father, until when man is worthy to see the face of his Lord, and by him Eve was formed out of the rib of Adam in heaven. But when man failed him, he brought our first Parent back to earth, to toil the earth and was the first to Judge those who accepts him as their Lord and he showed his face to many that believes in him as the chosen lord over all creation of the creator.
5 When Jacob also saw him face to face the man too good to be a man, he asked and beg this good man to tell him his good name, but the Image of the Creator in the form of his creature was not named like man that was given a name at birth but he changed the name Jacob into Israel meaning 'one who struggled with God', and all nations knows no God is like the God of the Sons of Jacob, whom parted the red sea and give live to any one dying to look on a hanged brazen serpent to gained life and according to the prophecies about his appearances he was born through a virgin woman, lived a virgin life and died a virgin death for death could not hold him, and as he went to prepare for the sake of those to inherit his Kingdom before coming back again, his Gospel had truly endured as he himself had already told the Fox that his Gospel will be preached unto this third(resurrection) day, when those that to be called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb will inherit him forever.
6 For the expectation of the Christ is as old as humanity, for if you believe in the history of Adam and Eve, then you will believe that Man was once in a god like state but since his fall, he is no better than the animal, but his creator promised Adam and Eve saying a seed will come out of her seed to take Adam back to the godlike state he was before. Therefore when Eve gave birth to her first child he called him Cain (meaning Gotten,) for she thought through the seed of Cain, the chosen one to smash the head of the serpent will come, therefore when she gave birth to her second child she named him Abel(meaning Vapor/Smoke), for there is only one Chosen to save humanity from her predicament,
7 But he that was to come, showed the first nuclear family that Cain was not chosen, as evidence of the unacceptable offering. But Cain killed Abel, and when she gave birth to her third child it's with the understanding that he was the seed appointed to stand against the seed of the serpent, So it happened even though Eve gave birth to many other children, it was only Noah's family, the son of Seth that survive the flood, and out of Noah came Ham, Japheth and Shem the father of Eber(Hebrew), Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, David, and Christ, called by many the son of David the King.
8 But many had risen to tell us that the history handed unto us had being manipulated, because they do not understand the Christian philosophy that the Jewish Christ is the Image of God that was with God before anything that was created not as a creature but the very reflection of the creator himself as a shadow, given power and authority to act on behalf of the father by the father himself or is there anything too difficult for the true God to do? For as the son is the reflection of the father, the crown prince is the reflection of the king while the king is the reflection of the kingdom.
9 But when we try to hear their own scripture about our history, We choose to think that, our so called foolishness is wiser than their wisdom, for example they deny the fact that Joshua was the son(image) of God, claiming God cannot have a wife, but if we may ask do we or our scripture claims the son of God, has his beginning from another? Or how come he called Israel the firstborn nation of God? Or are those to enter the kingdom of God not to be called the children of God? Therefore was Christ denied entrance into his holy kingdom because of sin?
10 For If they could not deny the fact that Christ was born of a virgin birth with no earthly father, is it not right to call him the very son of the heavenly father? and if Christ was just another messenger, why out of all of the messengers of God to come before and after Christ were all born as a sinner by their earthly fathers and mothers, but only Christ our Lord was the only man recorded to be sinless, even Josephus a non-acclaimed Christian who lived about the time of the first Christian progenitors, recorded if it was lawful to call the man Christ a man.
11 For the word of the prophet says "the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel" for he did not say God shall give you a sign, but he said the Lord himself for he gave himself the name Immanuel meaning God with us.
12 Therefore if he calls himself God before coming in flesh and the whole world calls him god because they believes in the manifestations of the prophecies of their prophets, the words of his mouth, his good deeds, his miracles and other actions when he was in flesh and beyond, then why should we not be vigilant that the mouths that deny this Christ as god are of the spirits of the antichrist(antigod), as prophesied by the mouths and writings of those his holy ghost possessed to forewarn the Christians about those that are ready to stand against the truth about the fulfillment of the Mosaic doctrine in Christ, for ready are they as warriors to prevent others from the knowledge of the absolute truth by adding their own revelations which is a lie because they were not eye witness of what happened nor the nation salvation is expected to come from. For it is a known proverb that salvation is of the Jews.
13 For they know he was born of that virgin but they deny him as god even though he lived among them as godman, and chose to die like a man and was proclaimed risen after the days they knew he said he will be in the grave but still yet they deny to proclaim the testimony of his truth, not because they don't believe but because of their malice giving birth to jealousy, as a proud mind who still wish to reminisce the rags of his pride even after being given the humble garment to wear, saying won't this new garment also grow old someday. 
14 Those against us also tells us that God and his Christ, are deceivers and liars, for God deceived the whole wide world into thinking that they crucify Christ not knowing it was an imposter that was laid on the cross, (Because they could not understand why whom they wish to shed his blood was already covered in blood before their arriver but Christ had already spoken no man taketh it away from me for I laid it down by myself ) and Christ after the third day pretended to be risen and showed faked scars and lied to Others and Thomas that he is the same crucified Christ, or did God also tricked them to believe the risen Christ appeared to them multiple times whereas it was just false memory implantations?
15 But how can that prophet be sure he himself is not being deceived by that same deceiving God, for if that God told him, the real Christ born of the virgin Mary was not the one praying to him at the mountain when they came to arrest him, so certainly the real Christ was not the one that perform that last miracle by healing the ear struck by Peter, for it was the imposter Christ chosen to be killed in place of the real Christ in other to deceived the world, then the real Christ came out of hiding on the third day showing himself to his own and send them to preach his good news of his birth, life, death, resurrection and his coming re-appearance as a god, to the whole world , thus allowing the writers of the new testament to write in delusion, making the then civilized world to be thrown in chaos because of the Christians that believed in the delusion, and kept them drunk in that delusion until the time the prophet in which he had chosen to reveal the truth about his deceit was born after all the witness both conspirators and sympathizers and all others aware or unaware of the name of Christ were long gone dead.
16 But they exalted themselves in their own drunkenness of Ignorance, because they are ignorant of the prophecies about how he was to be born, live, died and conquer death as an assurance to mankind that he truly was he that planted the tree of life in Eden, therefore they understands not the prophecies being fulfilled therefore they deny the Image of our Creator that came in the Image of his creation that was created in his own very Image of his Likeness, to live among his creature like a fellow creature, performed many miracles like a creator and by his word many dead gain their life back and he was killed and resurrected as the ever expected savior God of Mankind. For why do they even deny calling him by the name he was called, for they gave him a new name but tells us not the meaning of their given name and when we asked them about the meaning of the name of the offsprings of their own God, they rebukes us as if we are the children of the accursed one.
17 Therefore how can any wise mortal that wants to cling to the reality of the hope to live forever, worship and put his or her faith in an unfaithful crafty cunny unrighteous lying coward God that cannot proof he is the source of life in its immortality, as a divine proof to the sons of Adam that truly he was he that breaths in Adam the breath of life, but promised to show his might through the mouth of the prophecies as the prophets of old had prophesied, but deceived them into believing he can do what he cannot do when the time of the prophecy clocks. But those that esteem truth other than vain superstitions knows the God of their own scripture no matter what other scripture contrary to the Mosaic Philosophy may preach.
18 But if truly you don't want to remain hiding under the veil that had already been broken as an evidence of the temple veil that was rent asunder by the mark of the blood at the door post as the Israelite remembers, for in other for you to know that history can't be changed by the mouths of false pens because the memories of the testimonies of the true eye witnesses never fade even on the mouths of their lasting generations, therefore if you are in doubt about the subject of any written documentation and you seeks to know the truth; then try to find out other authors who are known to be persons of integrity on that same subject in question (before and after) about the subject of the history of the writing in question. as for example if you doubt the word of the Bible, then read from non-scriptural authors that wrote on that same subject for the readers knowledge sake.
19 For example Flavius Josephus a Jew wrote The Antiquities of the Jews as a confirmation of his national history in the greek tongue for the benefit of the Gentiles ( about the same period the authors (Apostles) of the new testament wrote down the acts (Gospel) of Christ their master along with their own very acts after the Ghost of Christ has possessed them, and other revelations and epistles to the Church, in other to teach the church how to always act in the Image of Christ) and how Eusebius Pamphilius also a Jew wrote for the benefit of the Christians, The History of the Church which is of a Jewish origin, long after the authors of the New Testament are dead but before their writings was ever canonized as the New Testament by the Roman power just as the Old Testament was canonized by the hands of the Greeks, so they might gain the Knowledge of their History unto their own time. Therefore ask your antagonist if he can read to see how harmonious is the bound of truth in trust, else he should unveil the truth he is trying to hide away from you for both of your sakes.
20 But permit us to declare to those who wish to understand the origin and the meaning of the name of our Lord; The name of our Lord was begotten when Moses the first legislator of the biblical Israel Nation, changed the name/word of Hoshea ( which means Salvation) his prime apostle, the son of Nun into Yeshua ( which means Yahweh is salvation) ( while Yahweh means The Lord God) (Therefore the literal meaning of Joshua reads "The Lord God is Salvation") as in prophecy by the inspiration of the Lord himself through Moses, before coming in flesh, to be hang on a tree for the sake of salvation for the sinful mankind from the judgment of sin which is death eternal and when the appointed time clocks, Joseph through a dream was told ( as it was also written down for our knowledge sake ) "... saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JOSHUA: for he shall save his people from their sins." Therefore he believed the Prophecy of Moses of he that was to come as the manifestation in the womb of his virgin wife to be.
21 This same name Yeshua was interpreted as Joshua by the Greeks, although vulgarly called Yesu/Jesu as an abbreviation of Yeshua/Joshua, just as Emmanuel is called Emma. But the superstitious Greeks naming the Christians, (for the Christians did not named themselves Christians), also deify Yeshua by thinking to honor Zeus (their Father/king of the Sky) in him, by saying Iesous (which means Hail Zeus, for it was reported and recorded that the resurrected one went up into the sky) and this name passed to the Roman tongue as Iesus("Ie sus" which reads "That is Zeus") as evident in the title INRI which is the Latin abbreviation of "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum" which is translated in english as "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Idumaean" and was adopted by the English tongue as Iesus as evident in the 1611AD publication of the bible by King James, which later evolves to Jesus by the Genevans and will probably evolve to Geez by the irreverence mouths of this lasting generations.
22 Now, the begotten Soul of God has comes into this sinful world, And his promised Holy Ghost, our beloved comforter and teacher sent to us by him since that Pentecost of that Passover year which marks exactly seven days since a cloud received him out of their sight is still flaming to this day. O Immanuel!
23 And Christ said, For whosoever shall hear the word of God, and do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. For I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God. Therefore do not get shackled under the delusion that his known gospel had being manipulated, for if so, you are not the one to bear the curse of he that takes away from the words of the book of his Gospel as you heard of it before it was being accused, therefore hold on unto the faith of his Gospel.
24 For this Is the Only way we can be the Children of the Father of Christ our God, therefore no religion (before or to come) on Earth can save the soul of man, to be called the sons of God.
25 But only those that faith in the word of Christ, our Lord, by believing in his gospel as a sinless soul shed for our guilty conscience, as we faiths in his righteousness to come forever, for that kingdom comes.
26 This is what is called salvation of the soul and being born anew, for the World had sin and all the children of light must confess Christ, the bright morning star with the mouth of their heart in exchange to bear the grace to live like him that died and lives again as we all expects our own portion.
27 And let all that will not confess their sins in other for their soul to be redeem knows that, as darkness lives, he also has his Children, And those that are sinners in the consciences of their heart, should know they are children of darkness, living now so they might continue to put the Children of Light into temptation to sin, in other to lose parts of their eternal rewards. Therefore let them continue in their sins.
28 For not all Children must get back to Eden, Our Heaven. Many shall be cast away from seeing the face of God their real Father forever (as of the devil their father), but few to be saved, for they are the only few among the many fruit of this harvest, ready for the sickle of salvation to save them into the basket of eternal joy, by believing and confessing in the son of man as their savior and lord through the blood he shed to pay for our soul, while trying to live our daily life to live like him, for this is the scale to determine our reward and hierarchy to possess in his everlasting kingdom, as we daily Journey back home.
29 Therefore to conclude this matter, the Lamb had already been slain, offered and accepted for our sake, (for the only salvation for the guilty(sinful) soul, is the sacrifice of an un-guilty(sinless) life, says the judge, when he said, life for life, like the formal eye for an eye,) and indeed free are we truly free from the bound of eternal death because of our faith in his truth of his resurrected Self and how fortunate for the first generation of this internet age to see the crossing of the three great days from the second day(millennium) unto the beginning of the third day, for Christ himself has promised to come and perfect/cleansed/rise us up before the end of the third(today) day.
30 This is the everlasting and never changing prophesied and fulfilling Gospel(good news) of Joshua, the most celebrated Chosen One of the Jews, unto the children of the Creator from the beginning to the end of time of the true seeds of Adam created in his Image. Amen.

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